the Prince of Switzerland

A lot of people know that I have a thing for watches. I like modern and vintage pieces alike, as long as they are slick, elegant, classy looking and preferably with a chronograph function…

As a timepiece aficionado I cannot help, no matter how hard I may try to resist, make a stop whenever I pass by a ROLEX vitrine (sic). I know the are chubby and overworn. I know they posess neither of the aformentioned qualities that usually make me like a watch. BUT. I fall for the luxurious setting in the shopping-window. The velvet and the precious wood… oh, my. <I’m not gay> Anyway, a Rolex will always be what it has been like forever. A symbol of status, success and prosperity among people of most social classes. Those pieces, with the timeless, virtually unchanged design, have a certain virtue that make them imposing and wanted.

For all who adhere to ages long traditional timekeeping, Rolex has introduced a new piece.

<WARNING><This is REAL, no Photoshop>

web-time-aSands Of Time, by Rolex


Βοήθειά μας



… remember remember the 20th of January…

This post is being published just a few minutes into the 20th of January, 2009. A good deal of important things have happened, during many years, as of today. It is my wish that my birthday does not cast a shadow on all these historical events; so I conducted a short list with the events, births and  deaths that have happened on January the 20th and I find particularly interesting.


  • 1265 – In Westminster, the first English parliament conducts its first meeting in the Palace of Westminster, now also known as the “Houses of Parliament”.
  • 1840 – Dumont D’Urville discovers Adélie Land, Antarctica.
  • 1841 – Hong Kong Island is occupied by the British.
  • 1942 – World War II: Nazis at the Wannsee conference in Berlin agree on the “final solution to the Jewish problem”.
  • 1981 – Iran releases 52 American hostages twenty minutes after Ronald Reagan is inaugurated as U.S. President.
  • 1999 – The China News Service announces new government restrictions on Internet use aimed especially at Internet cafés.


  • 1775 – André-Marie Ampère, French physicist (d. 1836)
  • 1920 – Federico Fellini, Italian film director (d. 1993)
  • 1931 – David Lee, American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics laureate


  • 287 – St. Sebastian
  • 1873 – The Venerable Father Basil Anthony Marie Moreau, Founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross (b. 1799)
  • 1993 – Audrey Hepburn, Anglo-Dutch actress (b. 1929)

Apart from all these, today is the day* that the first non-caucasian President of the USA will be inaugurated. I wish him the best and may the Lord lay mercy on his imortal soul.

Also today is the name-day of the world-renowed Greek folk artist Efi Thodi.

I deeply encourage you all to google and wiki any of the above you may find interesting. I could have included the direct links but I do not wish my readers to be a bunh of lardasses.

*The inauguration of the American President always takes place on the 20th of January of the new year.


The apple never falls far from the tree

First and foremost I wish to all who care to read me to have a happy and prosperous new year, one full of health, personal and professional success.

This time it is a matter of sociology and music that preoccupies me. Death Metal music, no less. A genre that arose, flourished and now is very popular in the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

In the years that followed the first wave of the social revolution of the mid 60s – mid 70s theese countries continued to change rapidly. They turned, little by little but steadyly, from agricultural and livestok breeding to industrial, capitalist economies. The rise of incomes along with the modernising of every-day life brought about new morals and social habits that these traditional societies found it difficult to embrace at first. The joinig of the old and the new cultures was hasty, even clumsy at times. This lead to a more “fresh”, looser view of things, one that introduced the prism of “if I’m OK and having a good time, all is OK” in their lives. Sex was totaly demystified, althought theese societies had been traditionaly puritan, part because of being Luthiran. Family bonds loosend and having children outside a marriage became a habbit, despite the fact that those people had been long content with strict patriarchical structures. Acceptance of doings formerly unspeakable of, such as drug abuse, abortions and homosexuality was becoming fast a prerequisite for one to be considered “modern”. Consequently followed a rise in alcoholism, divorces, domestic violence and other such side-effects.

At the same time, and because of the modernisation, scores of people from the countryside of those counries started to move towards metropolitan areas. Theese people were very particular about their long established beliefs, of how things should be done, and habits. From the young among those people came forth a wave of “opposition” against what they thougt to be ill-conceived modernisation. They felt they should preserve their ways at all costs, part because it would help them not to be absorbed in the big city and part because they believed that theirs was the right way to to live. It was the super-conservative ideologies where those teenagers found shelter and comfort, as long those beliefs have comforted the angry and those who do not quite fit in. Along with conservatism came racism, xenophobia, violence and an ansatiable desire to go against the current, to fight back the winds of change, to put oneself in a head to head fight with the rest of his own people.

It was that anger, with the help of a chemicaly altered teen spirit, that gave birth to the bastard child of Noise and Scream that goes by the name Death Metal. Metal is by definition angry, provocative and full of opposition but this was something else. It was the collective conscience of a small society-inside-society trying to say as loud a possible “we are still here, alive, and we do not want to live like you, we were fine the way things were”. It is a music meant to be listened to loud, meant to help you let loose the screams you have long kept inside. The rythm is so fast you are almost unable to keep track of, the drums beat loud and the lyrics speak of evil, oppression, doom and of course death. In a manner of speaking it is the purpose of these hearings to provide the final drop for the bucket to overflow, so as to say. It fills you up with so much hate for everything that combined with your own negative feelings, in the case of those people a lot of them, leads you to the point of no return.

No music is by definition evil. This is a fact. But in the case discussed here music has not been of use in order to heal but to provoke ill passion. To heighten insignificant differences and estrange people. In a society where the chains keeping things together were constantly loosing links, Death Metal was the heavy, spiked chain that would hold the few self-proclaimed martyrs, keepers of the fine-old-ways by their account, together.


and yet it moves

There are no worse moments in one’s life than those  when you find out that you have been living in an illusion. And such was the case with me… The subtitle of this very blog, since its creation, has been “Ill thoughts of many shorts…”. Thanks to dear friend Link and his witful comment I made the correction, changing “many shorts“, meaning a lot of summer pants, with “many sorts“, meaning many kinds.

Muchas gracias Link.


Unnecessary Explanations

I feel strongly against making this explanatory post but as A. Einstein cited once, human stupidity is infinte. Therefore it is possible for fatal misunderstandings to arise for no reason.

So, when I wrote in my last post about the murderers of young Alex “may they live forever”, the intended meaning was that it is my wish that their names be forever remembered in order for them to be disgraced in all etrnity.

May they live forever.


I do not wish to write

It has indeed taken me a little too long to write. But I do not apologise, for I was unsure as weather I would write again or not, ending early my blogging activity.

It is high time that this blog lives up to its subtitle – ill thoughts of many sorts – and it is my intention to comment on the recent events in Athens. There are three discreet but interconnecting things those that I wish to make a point out of. May the Lord be with us, and the Force with the nerds…

I ran the risk of saying things already said many times, but I feel like I have to take it a bit further. No revolution, ever*, has been without violence, without both just and injust victims. When part of the people feel they can stand no more, upheaval and anarchy follows in their wake. It should have been expected that one day Greece would face generalised events of violence. Acts of blind violence and vandalism ARE to be condemned, and small bussinesses ARE NOT to blame for anything. For it was precicely that, a revolution, whith the full range of its effects and side-effects.

The purpose of a revolution is to bring change, and change it did bring. We know that the toothpaste cannot get back inside the tube. Those that chose to destruct as a mode of protest will be back. And next time there will be more of them. For day after day the scores of the disappointed grow greater in numbers and in anger. It is not just some youngsters-gone-astray. It is a substantial portion of this country’s population. The miserables will not stop. We will not stop. Some of us protest otherwise. Some others chose the road of the violent revolution…

It has recently been made clear what seperates the leaders from the lot. The leader does not consult his team at the time of trouble. The leader is already done consulting when there it is expected from hin to make a choice. He does not hold councils and talks in order to make a decision. He is elected, chosen from us, for his special skills, for his ability to decide when needed, without help.

Last but not least… Murder is always something terrible, inhuman, disgusting. What is more disgusting is some people’s behaviour. The intolerable lies told in our faces. The futile atampts to hold a little teenager responsible for his beeing killed. Forever have the dead and their memory been sacred. Disgrace to those trying to discredit the events by shiting over a boys tomb. Wealth and social comfort are not a crime punishable by death. Shame…

*The year was 1989 when Chechoslovakia was spit in Chetch Republic and Slovakia with a revolution later called “velvet”. A notable exception to the rule.

P.S.: Condolences to the families of those killed in acts of blind violence of all kinds.

P.P.S.: I chose not to write too much about the death of young Alexander. This has been to the end that I do not wish to write things that do not need writing. We all feel prety much the same about this unfortunate event. May those who killed him live forever…



Have you watched Robocop no. 1-n ?? Of course you all have. And it was a fine idea for a movie, for the 80s no less. You have probably watched Iron Man too. We skip the robot-with-human-brain concept and opt for a cooperating mechanical exoskeleton. It sure is a much more realistic theme, something that can be at least conceived, if not materialised, with todays science.

But all this has always been in the movies. Much of a wishful thought, the modern man’s eternal hope that the machines he builds will one day grant him the power of the superheroes he reads about in graphic novels.

But alas, the sailors of Ulysses, these are the crew of Raytheon CO, have torn open the bag of Aeolos…


I have to admit that, despite keeping in good touch with the defence and military tech news, this is one I definately did not expect.

I will not stress the superhuman strength the construct offers to the wearer. Notice how flexible and natural the GI is, how easy it is to be instantly free from the exoskeleton. Another issue is that the extra strength is provided only when required. That is the harder you pull, the more the motors contribute. But when catching a basketball the wearer can be ultimately gentle.

Ladies and gentlemen this is the future of warfare. Once again the hypothetical prophecy has been fulfilled, that is a great invention always comes from the warfront.  Imagine the endless possibilities, the scores of workers doing the most hazardous and effort-requiring chores with no sweat at all. Imagine the criples getting into movement again…

I have a dream… Wrong! It is everybody’s dream, of a world where machines make the world an easier place to live. It is indeed a shame that the most corrupt and sinful enterprise, that is Raytheon, should make this step but… We have to wait and see.

The bag with the winds is torn now, like a pantyhose in the hands of a horny 16 yo. But where will it take us?

P.S.: You may conclude that I am being overly dramatic, or even romantic. This is certainly not the case. This is a very big thing. Do not underestimate it for you will be surprised by how soon we will be hearing from the exoskeleton front again.

Janus, over and out.


Ice Cold

Winter is finally here. Hold your horses tight now, no more short-sleeves for the time being. It seems as though the weather has reached the normal for this time of the year.

A new concept bar opened in downtown Athens, a very interesting one indeed. The name is “Imperia Ice Club” and guess what the hype is about… It is a bar made of… brace yourself… ice, modeled after the famous ice resort in Finland and sponsored by some Russian vodka manufacturer.

The concept is very nice, in my opinion, and unique for the local standards in that. Inside it is rather cold but classy and the costs are OK. It is in the Fresh Hotel in Sofokleous str. near the old stock exchange. I think you should give it a try.


Hey, cheer up. Cold is sexy and as we have it, when outside it’s freezing, inside it’s time for two…

Janus Of January, Over and Out!

By the way, check this out…           antarcticsun.usap.gov


Hello world!

This is it… I now enter, at last, the blogsphere; swept by the current. This website will be my ticket to those 15min of fame Warhol spoke about in the 60s. I will be sharing some of my thoughts, mostly bittersweet ones and some reviews of various kinds.

If it is going to be for good or ill, who knows? Only the autopsy will tell…